Building long-term relationships

In the ever-changing landscape of Public-Private Partnerships, it is very important for institutions to be comfortable and trust the partners they surround themselves with. Beyond prides itself on being easy to work with and able to assimilate into an existing team without a significant learning curve.

About Us

Beyond Owners Group, a non-profit 501(c)3 company, assists 501(c)3 organizations to meet their need for high-quality construction projects by taking on the burden of financing long-term debt, continuing compliance, and asset management.

Benefits of partnering with Us:

  • Minimizing the impact long-term debt has on organization financial statements and credit ratings
  • Maintaining transparency and communication with host institutions, allowing them to maintain a high level of involvement in the entire process. This guarantees that the projects fulfill the needs of the institution
  • Organization ownership of the project after financing is repaid
  • Avoiding the risks of the construction process
  • Relieved of time-consuming ongoing compliance reporting
  • Additional layer of separation between the organization’s current assets and new financing transactions
  • Extensive experience in asset management

Burdens of Ownership Assumed by Us:

  • Managing and overseeing the financing of acquisitions, construction, or renovation
  • Reviewing and approving all draws from the project operating and construction accounts
  • Overseeing or assisting in the preparation of annual project budgets
  • Arranging for and overseeing annual project audits
  • Filing all project related tax documents
  • Maintaining all required insurance on the project
  • Maintaining compliance with required covenants
  • Overseeing the filing of all continuing disclosures required by the financing of the project
  • In coordination with Facilities departments, operating committees, and/or management partners, Beyond will assist in identifying the appropriate recurring maintenance and capital replacement needs and prioritizing facility needs to achieve optimum operations within budget parameters
  • Allocating project funds and resources for improved asset lifecycle

Worry-free Solutions for Your Business

Beyond Expectations

We are experienced in creating long-term relationships and strive to make the process of contemplating and completing construction projects less stressful and more successful.   We work with developers, architects, engineers, and contractors to guarantee high-quality construction, for the benefit of our project sponsor, which goes beyond expectations.

Beyond the Name

Beyond Owners Group is not just a name to us, but a philosophy.  It sums up how we feel about what we do. The projects we are involved in are not just buildings and construction and we’re not just owners.  We create a long-term partnership that starts before the first design is put on paper and continues beyond when the final finish is put on a project.

Beyond Owners

As important as it is to deliver an exceptional project, we believe it goes beyond the financing, contracts, design, and construction of a building.  We perform in a cost-effective way that frees up assets and revenues to make significant contributions to further the charitable mission of the organizations we support.